Lucid claims to have created the fastest charging EV to date

It can reportedly add 20 miles of range per minute or 900 miles an hour.

MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Lucid Motors has been making some bold claims about its upcoming EV, the Lucid Air, ahead of the vehicle’s reveal next month and Wednesday’s press announcement was no different.

The company reports that the Air, which reportedly has a maximum range of 517 miles (nearly 30 percent over the current endurance champ, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus) and can hit 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds, will be able to recharge at a rate of up to 20 miles per minute using a Level 3 DC fast charger thanks to its unique 900V architecture. That translates to 900 miles of range for every hour it is plugged in or 520 miles in ~26 minutes. Alternately, the Air’s onboard AC charger will offer Level 1 and 2 charging speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.

Luckily, Lucid is teaming up with Volkswagen subsidiary, Electrify America to offer, “three years of complimentary charging,” per the release, at any of Electrify America’s 2,000-plus stations. Electrify America has been busy expanding its selection of 150kW to 350kW stations throughout the US. Air owners will be able to navigate between these stations along preplanned routes to ensure that they never find themselves stranded on the side of the road with nary an outlet in sight.

Lucid also announced that it is developing a novel home charging station unsurprisingly named the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station. While virtually all of today’s home charging boxes only have current flowing from the grid to the car, the LCHCS is bi-directional, meaning that you’ll be able to use the Air as a mobile battery in the event of an electrical outage and run household appliances off energy stored within the vehicle’s power cells.