Meta Quest 2 fitness data will be available outside of VR

iPhone users can sync Oculus Move data with Apple Health.


The Quest 2 headset's fitness tracking has been helpful for staying in shape, but there's been a major catch: your stats weren't viewable outside the headset, making it impractical to check your progress or combine it with info from other apps. That won't be an issue before long. As of April, Meta will make your Oculus Move fitness tracking data available through the Oculus app on Android and iOS, and will sync progress with Apple Health on iOS.

There are no mentions of syncing Move data with Google Fit or other Android platforms, but Meta said it was "exploring" future tie-ins. The company made clear that Oculus app and Apple Health syncing are strictly opt-in features, with end-to-end encryption on Meta's servers. Your stats won't influence ads on Facebook or other Meta services.

The expansion was arguably necessary to make Oculus Move relevant for more people. There's a good chance you don't rely solely on VR for workouts, and you probably don't want to return to your headset just to check your calorie burn. This upgrade lets you treat VR as just one piece of a larger fitness puzzle, and might persuade you to try a headset if you were hesitant before.

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