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'Among Us VR' will arrive later this year with literal finger pointing

Meta's Quest showcase also included a first look at the NFL VR game.

Among Us VR (Innersloth/Schell Games/Robot Teddy)

Meta just held its latest Quest gaming showcase and it included some fresh looks at previously announced games as well as reveals of new titles. The stream offered a more in-depth look at Among Us VR gameplay for one thing, as well as a release window. It's coming to Meta Quest 2, Rift and S, Steam VR and PlayStation VR later this year.

This version looks like it'll completely shake up the dynamics of Among Us. It shifts the perspective to first-person rather than a top-down view. You'll still be running around the level to complete tasks, but you won't be able to see if there's a potential impostor right behind you. Hilariously, during the voting phase, you'll be able to literally point fingers at sus crewmates. Meanwhile, Schell Games, which worked on the VR version, has teamed up with Meta Quest to develop three unannounced projects.

Meta also showed off the initial gameplay trailer for the first officially licensed NFL VR game, NFL Pro Era. Developer StatusPro is using actual game data in a bid to make the experience feel authentic. You'll play as a quarterback and you can build up your skills in drills, read the defense and call audibles. If you can avoid getting sacked too many times, you can take your team to the Super Bowl. Alternatively, you can just play catch with friends in a virtual NFL stadium. NFL Pro Era, which features all 32 teams and will also be available on PS VR, will arrive this fall.

Speaking of PS VR, one game that platform initially had as an exclusive will land on Quest 2 this summer: Moss: Book II. Polyarc's sequel to Moss (which is already available on Quest) is well regarded, and more players will be able to check it out in the coming months. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution will arrive this year too.

In addition, a Mercenaries horde mode for the VR version of Resident Evil 4 just arrived as a surprise free update. You'll need to take out as many Ganados as possible before time runs out. There are online leaderboards and challenges. Completing challenges will earn you rewards like a black-and-white classic horror mode and golden skins for weapons. Unlocked features will be available in the main game too.

Elsewhere, an electronic mixtape pack is coming to Beat Saber, including songs by Deadmau5, Marshmello and Pendulum. A release date for Cities: VR (a virtual reality take on Cities: Skylines) was announced as well: it's coming to Quest on April 28th.

The event included trailers for some other titles, including an impressive-looking follow up to sci-fi puzzle game Red Matter, espionage sequel Espire 2, narrative-driven JRPG Ruinsmagus and action-adventure title Bonelab.

At the end of the show, Meta had one last surprise announcement that won't have been on many people's radars (or PKE meters): Ghostbusters VR.