'The Outer Worlds 2' is a thing that exists

'The only thing they have finished... is the title.'

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Title image of The Outer Worlds 2
Microsoft / Obsidian

Today's Microsoft / Bethesda game showcase was the venue for Obsidian to announce that The Outer Worlds 2 is coming. We know that the follow-up to the bracingly dark sci-fi RPG will feature a new star system and a new crew, but that’s about it. Even the blowsy announcement trailer, narrated with the caramel-rich tones of F. Murray Abraham, pokes fun at how light the announcement really is.

At the same time, Obsidian has announced an update both to Grounded (which is currently in Early Access) with more building materials and bosses. In addition, the company said that is "looking forward to showing off” what it’s been working on with Avowed, the Elder Scrolls-esque first-person fantasy RPG announced this time last year.

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