'Avowed' is a first-person RPG from the team behind 'The Outer Worlds'

The game looks like it will be Obsidian's Elder Scrolls.

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Obsidian Entertainment / Xbox Game Studios

Avowed is the next big game from Obsidian Entertainment. It’s a big-budget role-playing game set in a fantasy world called Eora. As with some of the other games Microsoft showed off today, we didn’t get to see too much of Avowed’s gameplay, but it does look like the title will borrow from Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise — good thing too because the next game in that series is years away.

Microsoft didn’t say when it will release Avowed, suggesting Obsidian fans may have to wait a while before they get to play the studio’s next big game. Thankfully, Obsidian also showed off a new expansion for The Outer Worlds called Peril of the Gorgon, which comes out on September 9th.

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