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Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will collaborate to make gaming safer

This inclues efforts to fight hate and harassment.

Little boy playing video game in the dark room
Nastco via Getty Images
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|December 14, 2020 10:18 AM

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are setting aside their usual rivalries to improve online gaming. The companies have outlined a set of common principles for safer gaming, particularly for younger players. The concepts aren’t radical, but make it clear they won’t tolerate toxic players and other forms of abuse.

To start, the three promise to offer prevention tools like customization, easy-to-use safety tools, codes of conduct and systems that prevent abuse before it happens. The companies also vow to work with government, law enforcement and industry partners (such as ratings boards) to foster safety. They believe hate, harassment and exploitation of young players have “no place in gaming.”

The gaming giants likewise want to make it easy to report abuse based on clearly outlined rules, and say they’ll respond to all “lawful requests” from law enforcement.

This won’t necessarily lead to any significant changes in strategy at any of the companies. It’s no secret that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all have varying forms of parental controls, anti-abuse policies and other measures to keep online gaming pleasant. However, the common front could reduce inconsistencies and otherwise set expectations no matter what platform you use — you know the companies won’t let caustic players ruin the experience for others.

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will collaborate to make gaming safer