Microsoft will keep supporting Windows 10 1809 through November 2020

If your IT department isn't ready to upgrade, they have some more time.


In March Microsoft announced it will pause optional non-security Windows updates, and it extended support for some older versions of the operating system that were set to expire this month. Now the company’s support page notes that Windows 10 1809 — you remember the one, it brought the Your Phone connection in fall 2018 and also unfortunately deleted files from some computers — will receive security updates through November 10th. Under the normal 18 month window prescribed by Microsoft, support would end on May 12th — particularly inconvenient under current conditions

That adds six months to its original expiration date, and perhaps takes some pressure off of IT departments already dealing with other issues related to the coronavirus pandemic. As ZDNet notes, this affects a number of SKUs, as well as products like Windows Server, Sharepoint and others.