‘Minecraft Earth’ players can share their builds with just a web link

It’s as easy as clicking the new share button.

Minecraft Earth

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Microsoft has made Minecraft Earth easier and more appealing to play at home. It introduced “adventure crystals” that spawn where you are, and it improved access to “tappables” that spawn more often and closer to you. Now, Microsoft is making it easier to share Minecraft Earth builds with just a link.

When you’re ready to share, you can simply navigate to your build of choice and click the share button. The change should allow players to get a bit more social, while staying safe at home.

The mobile AR-game arrived in the US last fall, and since then we’ve seen a few other upgrades, like NFC-enabled figurines. It also added challenges and seasons. While many originally compared the game to Pokémon Go, we disputed that comparison from the beginning. As the game adds new features, Minecraft Earth is further defining its own identity.