‘Minecraft’ for ChromeOS leaves early access, works on more machines

It will run on any Chromebook from the last three years, as well as some other models.

Mojang Studios

Following an early access period, Minecraft is now more broadly available on Chromebook. You can snap up Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from the Google Play Store for $20. Doing so will grant you access to the Android version of Minecraft, which typically costs $7, at no extra cost. If you have already bought the game on Android and use the same Google account on Chromebook, you can snag the latest port for $13.

Mojang started offering this version on Chromebook in early access in March. At the time, it was only accessible on certain models that met the minimum specifications.

Minecraft will work on any Chromebook from the last three years along with other models that meet the minimum specifications, according to Google. It includes full cross-play support, so you can explore and create with friends who use the Bedrock Edition on mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Windows. Other versions of Minecraft were previously available on Chromebook, namely the older Java version and the Education Edition. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are also able to access the game on Chromebook via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The latest Chromebook version also includes access to the Minecraft Marketplace and the new Trails & Tales update. The latter allows you to, among other things, ride camels, encounter new mobs and blocks, and leave messages for friends on editable hanging signs.

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