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A 'Monster Hunter Rise' demo hits Nintendo Switch tomorrow

You can check out several missions with friends via local and online co-op.


The wait is almost over for Monster Hunter fans who are clamoring to get their hands on the next game in the series before it lands on March 26th. A limited-time demo of Monster Hunter Rise will be available on Nintendo Switch starting Friday.

Until February 1st, you can check out a basic mission and an intermediate one, along with a pair of tutorials. The demo includes support for local and online four-player co-op, so you can team up with some friends to tackle those missions.

Capcom showed off more of what Monster Hunter Rise has in store via a digital event. The video includes detailed looks at some of the locations you'll explore, characters you'll meet and huge beasts you'll battle. It also shows off the Wyvern Riding feature, which allows you to harness and control wild monsters. You'll be able to try that out in the demo. Although the digital event presentation stated the demo would be available today, Monster Hunter’s Twitter account said it’ll hit the eShop tomorrow.