Netflix is adapting a Keanu Reeves comic into a live-action film and anime series

Naturally, the actor will also star in the adaptations of 'BRZRKR.'

Boom Studios

Keanu Reeves, the man of many talents he is, released his first comic book earlier this year. BRZRKR tells the story of an immortal warrior known as the Berzerker who wants to find a way to die. Netflix now plans not one but two adaptations of the material. The streaming giant will produce both a live-action BRZRKR film and an anime sequel series, with Reeves starring in and producing the former and voicing his character in the latter.

Reeves co-wrote BRZRKR with help from Eisner Award-nominee Matt Kindt. Ron Garney, who has worked on comics like Captain America and Wolverine, did the art, with coloring handled by Bill Crabtree. Even before it came out, BRZRKR was a success, with the series raising more than $1.4 million through Kickstarter. The first issue has sold more than 615,000 copies, making it one of the most popular comic book debuts in recent memory.

The strategy of making both a live-action and anime adaptation of a popular franchise isn't new for Netflix. It's taking a similar approach with The Witcher, with an animated film and prequel series on the way. BRZRKR is also just one of several anime productions the company has planned for the near future. It's also working on Terminator and Dota 2 adaptations.