Netflix and Mattel are making a live-action 'Masters of the universe' movie

A 'West Side Story' actor will star as He-Man.

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'Masters of the Universe' logo

Netflix's love affair with Masters of the Universe isn't about to cool down any time soon. The streaming service is partnering with Mattel to develop a live-action Masters of the Universe movie — no, they weren't put off by the 1987 flop. Production is expected to start this summer, with the Nee Brothers (who created the upcoming The Lost City) co-directing the title and writing it alongside Shang-Chi's David Callaham.

The companies haven't divulged much about the plot, but they've already chosen Kyle Allen (Balkan in West Side Story) as Prince Adam/He-Man. Not surprisingly, there are hints Adam will discover his power as He-Man and fight Skeletor to protect Eternia.

This isn't a surprising move when MOTU has been lucrative for Netflix. Its She-Ra reboot had five seasons, and Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation is starting its second season in March. There's also a child-oriented CG animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Between this and other '80s flashbacks, Netflix appears to know what nostalgia makes its audience tick.

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