Netflix plans to add roughly 40 more titles to its mobile game library this year

The 'Monument Valley' series will hit the service in 2024, and its creators have teased another sequel.


Netflix has no plans to slow down its gaming ambitions any time soon, as it wants to make sure it has at least one game that each of its more than 230 million subscribers can enjoy. The company's library of mobile games now has 55 titles following the recent additions of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and the spellbindingly dystopian Highwater. There's much more to come in 2023, as Netflix plans to add around 40 more games throughout the year.

The company has revealed a few of those titles, including reverse city-builder Terra Nil (March 28th) and Paper Trail, which will see you folding parts of the world to solve puzzles. Netflix has also struck a deal with Ubisoft for three exclusive games. The second of those, following Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, will arrive on April 18th in the form of Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace. It's a roguelite set in the same universe as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. It's said to have an improved formula, a more in-depth story and souped-up gameplay.

Also on the way later this year is a follow-up to one of Netflix's most-played games to date, Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, which is based on the hit reality show, Too Hot to Handle. Netflix says weekly content drops have kept players coming back and it's working with developer Nanobit on the follow-up.

Looking further ahead, the Monument Valley series is coming to Netflix Games. Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 will be available to Netflix subscribers at no extra cost in 2024.

Versions of the classic mobile puzzle titles are currently available on Apple Arcade. A Netflix spokesperson told Engadget that the games should remain on other services after next year. Meanwhile, developer Ustwo (which is behind last year's Desta: The Memories Between, also available on Netflix) has hinted that another Monument Valley game is on the way as part of its Netflix deal.

Also in the pipeline is a game based on an unannounced upcoming Netflix IP. Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp is working on the exclusive title, which it says will build on the studio's expertise in team-based combat. You can expect to learn more about this project later this year. Netflix vice-president of external games Leanne Loombe recently told reporters that this game is part of a "big bet" and a "transmedia play" for the company.

All told, Netflix has 70 games in development with its partners and 16 in the works at its internal studios. Most of the games Netflix's own teams are making are still in the very early stages, though Night School Studio's Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is slated to arrive later this year. Netflix is promising to release new games every month for the rest of 2023, including "indie darlings, award-winning hits, RPGs, narrative adventures [and] puzzle games."

Loombe said that since Netflix started offering games in 2021, it has found that players are largely drawn to three types of experiences: recognizable titles from elsewhere, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge and Immortality; ones that encourage daily play, including Solitaire and Knittens; and games based on its own shows and movies, like Stranger Things.

Given Netflix's designs on becoming a world-class game publisher, I hope it doesn't focus on those areas exclusively. In any case, it's off to a strong start. For instance, Poinpy, a vertical platformer that doesn't fall neatly into any of those three categories, was my favorite game of 2022.

Netflix has said it's looking into cloud gaming, so you may eventually get to play its library on computers, smart TVs and even consoles. But its focus is primarily on mobile. Making sure more people are aware they can play some great games as part of their subscription will be key to Netflix Games' growth plan too.

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