Netflix's new 'Worth the Wait' section teases content up to a year in advance

The 'Worth the Wait' section is now live for Netflix on TV devices.


Netflix has just officially launched the New & Popular tab for TVs, which it’s been testing for quite a while now, and it comes with a new section meant to keep users looking forward to upcoming shows and movies. The new row marked “Worth the Wait” will show members what’s coming to the streaming service in the next 15 to 365 days. It also gives them a way to set a reminder for any show or movie that catches their eye way ahead of their release.

Netflix already has a Coming Soon section within New & Popular and as its own tab on mobile, but it only shows titles arriving on the platform within the next week or two. As Variety notes, the new feature was most likely designed to convince subscribers to keep paying for a membership even if they don’t watch as much anymore or even if nothing interests them at the moment. Some may find it easier to just keep their memberships instead of cancelling and signing up again at a later date, after all.

Variety also suggests that the section could’ve been designed to prevent users from dropping the service even if Netlix goes through another price hike. The last time the company raised its rates was early last year, adding $1 on top of its most basic plan in the US and $2 on top of its $11 standard package. The “Worth the Wait” section is only available for TV devices at the moment, but the publication says the company plans to test it on the web later this year.