Facebook's redesigned website finally starts rolling out to everyone

The new interface is now the default for all Facebook users.


After the better part of a year, Facebook has started rolling out its redesigned desktop website to all of its users. The company announced today it plans to complete the rollout over the "next few weeks." Moving forward, "The New Facebook" will be the default for everyone who uses the social media platform on their desktop computer.

It's taken a while for the company to get to this moment. After CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the redesign at F8 2019, Facebook first started testing it with users outside of the company last October. At the start of the year, it then rolled out the redesign to a "small percentage" of users. As of last month, the "majority of people on Facebook" had the option to enable the new interface.

Like most redesigns, Facebook's new desktop interface can be jarring at first, particularly if you have a high-resolution display. The main thing to note is that Facebook has simplified navigation significantly, with a top bar that provides easy access to the website's home, watch, marketplace, groups and gaming pages.

Facebook dark mode

You'll also notice the company's signature blue tone no longer adorns the top navigation bar. Facebook tweaked the design element so that it could more easily build a dark mode into the website. You can enable the feature through a toggle located in the drop-down settings menu.

Facebook claims the home page will load faster and transitions between pages will be smoother. Another tweak is that the website's responsive design now better scales to different window sizes. It's particularly noticeable if you use Windows 10's snap functionality or if you have a window manager on macOS.

If you don’t have access to the new interface the next time you visit Facebook, you may have to wait a couple of days. In the meantime, you can read more about what went into the project in an interview Engadget’s Nick Summers did with Facebook’s design team. While the company works on completing the rollout, you can switch back to the classic interface through the drop-down settings menu.