Nikon's latest Z6 II camera firmware unlocks 4K 60 fps recording

It also introduced the Z6 II Essential Movie Kit with an Atomos Ninja V RAW recorder.


Nikon has released firmware updates for it latest full-frame Z6 II and Z7 II that should improve eye-tracking autofocus and video performance for the Z6 II. The key feature that applies to both cameras is improved human eye-tracking performance when your subject's face size is small within the frame. That means that it'll pick up and track them more quickly if they're approaching the camera from afar, for example.

One of the key new firmware features applies to the Z6 II only, however. You can now shoot 4K UHD video at up to 60 fps, rather than 30 fps as before. Nikon promised 4K 60p when the camera was launched (it's already available in the Z7 II), and it brings the Z6 II up to par with rival cameras like the Canon EOS R6. That setting will let you shoot 60p or 24/30p slo-mo with full autofocus, though the sensor will be cropped to a DX (roughly APS-C) size.

Both the Z6 II and Z7 II also now support Blackmagic's RAW recording format on Blackmagic's Video Assist 5-inch 12G HDR and 7-inch 12G HDR external recorders. Both cameras already supported Apple RAW recording on the Atomos Ninja V.

Along with the firmware update, Nikon also launched the Z6 II Essential Movie Kit. On top of a Nikon Z6 II camera and FTZ Mount adapter, you get an Atomos Ninja V (with two extra batteries and an HDMI cable), which allows you to record 4K 10-bit with N-log to significantly boost dynamic range. It also comes with a SmallRig camera cage, complete with a quick release and a Magic Arm clamp. Nikon hasn't revealed US pricing yet, but it'll cost £2,909 in the UK and €3,299 in the rest of Europe.

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