Nintendo's next SNES Switch Online games include 'Claymates' and 'Jelly Boy'


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Jelly Boy
Ocean Software

Where, oh where, are the great SNES games for Nintendo's Switch Online service? That's what I'm wondering after seeing the company's next batch of titles: Claymates, Jelly Boy and Bombuzal, which are scheduled to arrive on July 28th. No offense to Interplay's Clay series (which includes the far more memorable Clayfighter), but these aren't titles I'm exactly hankering to dive into. While Nintendo has done a solid job of bringing some of the biggest first-party titles over to Switch Online's SNES library, we're still waiting for classics like Mario RPG and EarthBound to arrive. 

There's some value in letting younger generations see the sort of titles '90s kids had to suffer through, though. And while Jelly Boy isn't exactly a household name, this is the first time it's going to be available outside of Europe, which at least makes it an interesting curio for retro gamers.

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