Kia's 2021 Niro hybrids add a few new tech features

SUVs with the 8-inch infotainment screen have wireless CarPlay and Android Auto standard.

When we reviewed Kia's Niro plug-in hybrid EV in 2018 we loved its efficiency as well as the standard support for CarPlay and Android Auto, even if its styling seemed a bit bland and its powertrain lacked oomph. Now refreshed hybrid and plug-in hybrid 2021 models are on the way, and while the weaknesses we noted are still pretty much the same, some of the comfort tech inside is getting even better.

2021 Niro PHEV

This time around, vehicles equipped with 8-inch infotainment screens will have standard support for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With wireless device charging already available, it means that with some phones you won't have to worry about plugging in at all once you get in.

2021 Niro Touring

Similarly, any that are equipped with Navigation and Smart Cruise Control will get enhanced driver assistance features that include Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control and Curve (NSCC-C). As Autoblog notes, that feature uses navigation info to adjust your speed for curves in the road, and Kia promises 10 years of map updates in its MapCare program.

For those changes, they're also going to be a bit more expensive, so while the EX Premium model we tested in 2018 started at $34,500, the price will rise to $36,550 for a 2021 edition. A full list of specs and pricing is available on Kia's website, and the company says details on the 2021 Niro EV will be revealed later this year.