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Nissan looks set to debut its Ariya EV in July

But still no more details on what's under the hood.


There’s been speculation about the arrival of Nissan’s Ariya EV for a while now — back in October the company hinted that it could go into production “soon.” Now, thanks to a very quiet teaser release, it looks like it’ll start rolling out of factories in July.

Nissan’s latest official press release discusses its approach to concepts, and how they herald the first steps to innovation and, subsequently, vehicle reality. After illustrating some examples of this — from the Xmotion to the IDS — the release touches on the Ariya concept, which was originally unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. A single line follows: “Nissan Ariya production: July 2020.” And that’s it. Very sneaky.

No other details so far — Nissan has been rather coy about its plans for the Ariya, although we can guess that it’ll come with Nissan’s new shield grille, which is equipped with radar and other ProPilot 2.0 sensors. Its design concepts show a bolder, swoopier take on the practical Leaf, although what it ultimately looks like is anyone’s guess right now. If it is going into production next month, though, we can expect to see final imagery very soon.