Mass Effect’s Normandy starship is coming to 'No Man's Sky'

The crossover prize is yours if you take part in the Beachhead expedition by May 31st.

Hello Games/Bioware

No Man’s Sky has a crossover up its sleeves, and it’s an especially exciting one if you’re a Mass Effect fan. If you take part in one of the space exploration sim’s new expeditions, you’ll be able to add Mass Effect’s iconic SSV Normandy SR-1 starship to your frigate fleet. You'll then be able to send it on missions to other star systems.

You have until May 31st to take part in the Beachhead expedition and unlock the Normandy. No Man’s Sky added expeditions, which are seasonal, structured missions, in March. Over the last week, players have been working together to complete the Beachhead expedition by figuring out hidden goals, and now they know the prize at the end of the journey.

The fun Easter egg arrives just after BioWare dropped Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered bundle of the series' three games. If you can tear yourself away from trying to achieve the perfect ending in the third installment long enough to go on a little adventure in No Man's Sky, it might just be worth it. Meanwhile, No Man's Sky is coming up on its fifth anniversary, and Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray has promised "some other surprises," with more details coming soon.