Unreleased Nokia N95 follow-up pops up on YouTube

YouTuber Mr. Mobile shows off a prototype HMD device that could've revived the Nokia N95 name.

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Remember the Nokia N95? The Symbian-equipped dual-slider marked a peak design moment of the pre-iPhone era, and as such is a perfect target for YouTuber Mr. Mobile aka Michael Fisher to feature in his “When Phones were fun” series. The latest video provides more than just a nostalgic look back however, as Fisher has also gotten his hands on an unreleased prototype device from Nokia licensee HMD Global that could’ve served as a follow-up to the classic N95.

No, it’s not a plastic-y dual-slider candybar, but the non-functional prototype (which appears about six minutes into the video) does have a slider display hiding an array of cameras and speakers that brings to mind devices like the HTC 7 Surround and a ring around its Carl Zeiss camera that doubles as a kickstand.

As Fisher mentions, with the return of the Razr and odd efforts like LG’s Wing, it would be nice to see someone else taking a different tack with their hardware, but the odds of this working out well were slim. Still, hopefully some phone manufacturer sees this and tries anyway, so I have another slider device to go with my Samsung Epic 4G, Helio Ocean and Audiovox PPC-6600.