This is what the Nothing Phone 1 will look like

It's certainly eye-catching.

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Richard Lai
June 15, 2022 3:08 AM
Nothing Phone 1

Even though the Nothing Phone 1's launch is still about a month away, the company has already begun showing what the device will look like to help generate hype. From afar, the device appears to be a blend of the iPhone X's back (with its pill-shaped dual-camera island) and the iPhone 12's flat edges. However, the back cover here is transparent, revealing a big wireless charging coil, several screws (something you don't really see on phones these days) and a mysterious pattern teased earlier by founder Carl Pei.

Nothing didn't provide any further detail in these teaser posts, but we imagine the company still has a few tricks up its sleeve — particularly, how Pei will enable "an open and diverse product ecosystem" with this device. So far, we know that the Phone 1 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset — Engadget understands that it'll be a mid-tier processor — and the pure Android-like Nothing OS with some design flair. Back in January 2022, Nothing announced that it brought in former Dyson lead designer, Adam Bates.

The Nothing Phone 1 will be launched in London at 4PM BST/11AM EST on July 12th. There will be a livestream available, but you'll have to RSVP in advance.

Update 6/16/22 4:09AM ET: Swiss tech site Das Kann Was has a nice video of the Nothing Phone 1 at the reveal event coinciding with Art Basel. And yes, that mysterious pattern does light up!

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