GeForce Now doubles its price for newcomers to $10 a month

Existing subscribers can keep paying $5/month for life.


NVIDIA has doubled the price of the GeForce Now premium plan to $10/month for new members. Annual plans cost $100/year. The Priority membership offers faster access to cloud gaming servers, longer gaming sessions and ray-tracing and DLSS support. GeForce Now’s free tier cuts you off after an hour of playtime and you’ll likely face a longer wait to start playing.

Existing subscribers have been moved to a Founders plan, which has the same features as Priority. As long as their account stays in good standing and they don’t pause their plan, they can keep paying $5/month for life.

NVIDIA told GamesBeat that $10/month has long been the target price. It has been subsidizing the cost to make the service more appealing and get it off the ground. GeForce Now chief Phil Eisler said the increase would help to cover costs and make the service, which has almost 10 million members, sustainable.

The company is adding more server locations this year to increase capacity and reduce latency, starting with Phoenix, Arizona and its first Canadian data center in Montreal. Locations in Saudi Arabia and Australia are also coming soon. GeForce Now is currently hosted on more than 20 data centers and is available in more than 70 countries. It supports more than 800 games.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA is rolling out an update that should be available to everyone in the next week or so. It aims to improve streaming quality through an adaptive Vsync technology, which syncs frame rates at 60 Hz or 59.94 Hz on the server side to match how games are displayed in the client. NVIDIA says this should cut down stutter and latency on supported games. A "new adaptive de-jitter technology" will allow it to bump up bit rates and boost quality over inconsistent connections as well.

In the next couple of months, NVIDIA plans to start adding account linking support in key games. It also aims to improve preloading to reduce loading times around half.