NVIDIA's Shield TV Pro is down to an all-time low at $180

It can stream shows, run GeForce Now and work as a Plex server.


NVIDIA’s Shield TV Pro is not just an Android TV device that can stream Netflix and other entertainment services. It also comes with its own storage, can work as a Plex Server and runs NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service. The downside is that it’s pretty expensive at $200 and rarely goes on sale, but luckily you can now find them for around $180 at several sites right now, including Best Buy, B&H and Amazon.

Buy NVIDIA’s Shield TV Pro at B&H Photo Video - $179

Buy NVIDIA’s Shield TV Pro at Best Buy - $180

Buy NVIDIA’s Shield TV Pro at Amazon - $180

NVIDIA’s smaller Shield TV is also on sale for $130, which is around the same as the Black Friday prices we saw earlier. It has a simpler cylindrical design compared to the dramatic geometric shape of the Shield TV Pro, and is also missing a few features compared to the more expensive model.

Buy NVIDIA’s Shield TV at Best Buy - $130

Buy NVIDIA’s Shield TV at Amazon - $130

The Shield TV Pro has more RAM and storage and is NVIDIA’s only option to run as a Plex server. Otherwise, they both have Google Chromecast built in and can stream Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content, while offering a unique triangular remote control that’s comfortable to hold. You get the fast and relatively new Tegra X1+ processor that can do 4K upscaling while ensuring that GeForce Now gaming works smoothly. For the latter, you can pair them with any Bluetooth controller or opt for NVIDIA’s $59 Shield controller. Both devices are now on sale for a limited time.

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