First-gen Oculus Quests will also get wireless PC VR gaming via Air Link

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed the news in a post about the Quest v30 software update.


Back in April, Facebook's Oculus division rolled out the capability to wirelessly stream PC VR games to the Quest 2 headset via WiFi. The feature, called Air Link, gives users full freedom of movement, since they don't have to be tethered to a PC to play anymore. It was unclear at the time if Air Link would ever make its way to the original Quest, but now Mark Zuckerberg has answered the question for those who own the older headset: Yes, they'll also be able to enjoy wireless PC VR gaming via Air Link in the future.

The Facebook CEO has made the revelation as a comment under a video post for the Quest's v30 update, as spotted by The Verge. He simply said "Air Link for Quest 1 is coming too..." with no timeline for its release, so users will just have to wait for more information to come out. When the feature first became available, Oculus said the ideal play area is within 20 feet of the router, so those interested may want to start planning things out.

As for the v30 update itself, Zuckerberg said it will extend infinite office and make it easier to multitask in virtual reality. In the video he posted, for instance, the user was able to move between three large virtual curved screens with ease. According to UploadVR, it will also enable larger play areas by giving users the ability to draw Guardian boundaries up to 15 meters long in either direction. Unfortunately, Facebook has yet to reveal a release date for the v30 update, and it's still unclear if the original Quest is getting it, as well.