OtterBox’s new accessories are aimed at kids and their iPads

They're pricey, but still cheaper than buying your kid a new device.

OtterBox EasyGrab Tablet Case on a table next to a cupcake. (OtterBox)

OtterBox has long been known for its super-tough coolers and phone cases. Earlier this year it even spun up a line of gaming accessories. But the company has never offered anything for younger consumers, despite kids being notoriously rough on their devices. Today OtterBox finally dips its toe into rugged iPad accessories designed for children’s small hands and their propensity to drop things.

The key product in the line is the Easy Grab Tablet Case, which comes in ocean blue, navy blue or neon yellow and two sizes: $60 for the 7th- and 8th-gen iPad case (2020 and 2021 models) or $50 for the iPad mini (2019) version. Unlike pretty much every kid’s iPad case you’ll find on Amazon, it doesn’t come with a built-in carry handle. Instead the back of has a knob not unlike a PopSocket, and the outer edges of the case are raised and ridged for an easier grip while the iPad is in use. There are multiple grooves, too, to accommodate different hand sizes, so the case can stay in use even as your child gets bigger.

OtterBox EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand clipped onto the case

If you did prefer something with a handle, OtterBox is including in the package at no extra cost the EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand, which clips onto the case’s knob for use as a tablet stand, carry handle or even a hook to attach the whole thing to the back of a car seat so kids can watch their iPads on a trip.

The stand only comes in a dull gray, but that at least means it will match the EasyGrab Mobile Cable Bundle, which is sold separately for $40. The set includes two cords, one USB-A to Lightning for power and the other a 3.5mm audio cable. Each cable has ribbed blue ends to make them easy for small hands to grip, and coiled cords that can avoid tangles and be less of a strangulation hazard. The 3.5mm plugs are also at right angles, which will help avoid damage to both the cord and the device’s headphone jack (a problem that I, personally, have been having since high school).

EasyGrab Tablet Case, EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand and EasyGrab Mobile Cable Bundle.

Finally, since too much blue light from screens has become a pressing issue among parents and non-parents alike, OtterBox is also releasing its Blue Light Guard Glass Screen Protector. It’ll filter out blue light rays while also fending off scratches and microbes — so even adult users might find it pretty handy to have around. The one for 7th- and 8th-gen iPads will cost $40 while the smaller one for iPad mini is $35.

The line launches today exclusively with Target, though it’ll show up on OtterBox’s own site and other retailers eventually.