Owlet’s latest smart sock is designed to keep tabs on older kids too

But keeping track of your kids' vitals as they grow will cost you.

Owlet / Weston Colton

Owlet, the company best known for its smart sock wearables for infants and babies, has just released the Smart Sock Plus. The new product is designed to monitor the same stats as the previous versions — heart rate, pulse ox and sleep metrics — but can now be used on children up to five years old or 55 pounds.

Owlet says that one of the most frequent requests they received from parents was the ability to use the sock past the 18 month cut off period. The company has updated the algorithms to measure older children as they grow, but otherwise works much the same as before.

A sock with a sensor is fastened around your child's foot and readings are sent to a base station that will alert parents and caregivers if your child's heart rate or pulse ox drop below a preset zone. The app also tracks sleep metrics and will work along side the company's camera to provide a complete picture of your child's well being as they sleep.

The Smart Sock Plus includes three sizes of the fabric sock to fit your kiddo as they grow and is available now for $359. Existing Smart Sock 3 customers can purchase an expansion pack for $69 which provides users with two additional sock sizes. The Owlet Cam retails for $149 on its own, or you can get the bunlded package with the Smart Sock Plus for $459.