Peloton is getting cheaper with new Bike and Tread options

There's a new pricier bike and a more affordable treadmill.


The rumors were true. Peloton, the company synonymous with at-home exercise, is updating its eponymous connected bike and treadmill. The Peloton Bike+ packs a slightly larger, 23.8-inch rotating touchscreen that’ll turn away from the ride position, making floor classes (like yoga) far easier. As well as the more mobile display, you’ll find a new four-speaker sound system and one-touch integration with Apple Watch for Apple GymKit.

One of the best new features is that the Bike+ can now automatically change the resistance in time with your instructor. Even better, is that rather than just copying their settings, the bike will tweak the hardness of the ride to suit your fitness goals, all the while following along with the class. Peloton says that it’ll enable riders to fully lose themselves in each class rather than spending too long fussing with the controls.

At the same time, Bike owners will be able to sign up to Bike Bootcamp, a series of classes that integrates bike work with strength training and total body workouts. That’ll be available to all members on September 15th and is taught by Peloton VP Robin Arzón, Jess Sims and Cody Rigsby.

The Peloton Bike+ will cost $2,495 and is available to order from tomorrow, with the existing Peloton Bike staying around as a more affordable option. The Bike will be priced at $1,895, and both machines will be available to try for 30-days as before, while finance options are available for $49 a month.

Peloton Tread

At the same time, Peloton is adding a lower-cost version of its Tread treadmill, and shifting around the branding to make things a little clearer. The new Tread offers much of the same fine-grain control as its predecessor but in a smaller footprint, and at a lower price. The new features include a 23.8-inch touchscreen that can tilt through 50 degrees, making it easier for you to transition to floor work.

The new Tread measures 68-inches long by 33-inches wide, making it a nicer fit for smaller apartments and homes. Part of the smaller size is thanks to the deck, which no longer includes a front shroud -- the big mount surrounding the front of the equipment. Peloton says that it makes the machine feel more like you’re running on a “natural road,” too.

The existing Tread, which is larger and packs a 32-inch display, has now been rebranded as the Tread+, to cement its upmarket status. It doesn’t appear that Peloton has done much beyond change the name, since it was already the Rolls-Royce of connected treadmills. When we tried it in 2018, we found that its rubber coated aluminum slat belt was one of the most comfortable we’d ever ran along.

And, for pricing, the Peloton Tread will set you back $2,495, with finance options available, while the Tread+ will be priced at $4,295. The new model will be available in the US and Canada at the start of 2021, while lucky buyers in the UK can get it on December 26th, just in time to sweat off all that turkey. Other European countries will get the Tread through 2021.