Pinterest's new Lens feature lets you find products based on your photos

Snap and shop.


Pinterest is back on its shopping flex with a new “Shop” tab in Lens camera search results. From today, you’ll be able to tap the camera in search bar, snap or upload a photo and then see the Shop tab with a feed of Pins based on products identified in that image. Helpfully, it’ll only bring up items that are in stock, so there’s no disappointment in finding the perfect item only to discover you can’t actually get it. Every product Pin will link directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site, too.

The Shop tab in Lens is the latest in a long line of features designed to make shopping on the platform easier. This particular addition builds on a tool rolled out in April, which brings up a feed of Pins based on search terms, and it complements the launch of the Pinterest app on Shopify, designed to make it easier for merchants to sell on the platform. According to Pinterest, around half the items snapped through Lens belong to the fashion or home décor category, so it makes sense that they should be more easily shoppable.