The Pixel 4a is finally available in a color other than black

Want to guess its name?


Google’s $350 Pixel 4a has been widely lauded as the best phone for the price, thanks to its superior camera, reliable performance and lovely all-screen design. But one of the (very few) complaints in our Pixel 4a review is that there’s only one color option for shoppers, and it’s boring old black. The company’s decision to keep the series to just the single model was based on a desire to keep costs low, which is understandable.

But now that Google’s launched its flagship phones and a slew of other hardware products, it seems the company finally has time to focus on giving people a few other choices for the affordable handset. Today, it’s announced a limited edition of the Pixel 4a called Barely Blue and it’s a pale pastel hue with an orange power button.

The Barely Blue Pixel 4a will cost the same as the original, and you can only get it from the Google Store. Besides the color, the new Pixel 4a is in no way different from the earlier version. The company did not share a specific number on how many units of this limited edition are available, but did confirm to Engadget that “once it sells out it will be gone.” You can buy the Barely Blue phone right now in the US, and, for some reason, it’ll also be available in Japan later this year.

Google's Pixel 4a now comes in Barely Blue.
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