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Google Pixel 7 pre-orders at Amazon include a free $100 gift card

Pixel 7 Pro buyers get a $200 card.
Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro at hands-on event
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Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|October 6, 2022 12:46 PM
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There are already good deals for Google's Pixel 7 family mere hours after its debut. Amazon is including a free $100 gift card when you order the regular Pixel 7 by October 24th at 2:59AM Eastern. And if you'd rather buy the Pixel 7 Pro, Amazon is offering a free $200 card. This applies regardless of capacity, so it might do the trick if you want to buy a case or wireless earbuds to go with the Android flagship.

Buy Pixel 7 with $100 gift card - $599 Buy Pixel 7 Pro with $200 gift card - $899

Both Pixel 7 models deliver modest but welcome improvements. On top of a more powerful Tensor G2 chip suited to AI-heavy tasks, they promise upgraded camera quality versus the Pixel 6 (particularly for zoomed shots, selfies and video). The 7 Pro gets the most comprehensive update with a 5X telephoto camera that purportedly maintains sharp photography across multiple zoom levels. There are subtler tweaks, too, including a more hand-friendly 6.3-inch screen on the base 7 and a flatter, brighter (1,500-nit) 6.7-inch panel on the 7 Pro.

You probably won't want to upgrade from the Pixel 6 or other recent higher-end Android phones. If you're coming from an older device, though, the appeal is clear — either Pixel 7 variant is a capable, 'pure' Android handset that undercuts the price of some comparable rivals. The gift cards just make the switch a little easier.

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Google Pixel 7 pre-orders at Amazon include a free $100 gift card