Playdate's mirror app links the handheld to a PC for streaming and control

The quirky little thing is supposed to go on sale later this year.


Panic's hand crank-equipped Playdate console is a big reason why 2021 may be a great year for "alternative" consoles, and its developers showed off a new feature on Twitter that they said is "perfect" for streamers. What they're showing is a PC app that allows you to plug in the small yellow device and mirror its screen to your monitor. It's probably quite useful for game development, but it will also come in handy for streamers and content creators once the device launches.

According to the tweet, it also allows for control to pass back from the PC to the device, which can help make games more accessible for players who need an assist and already have controls set up on their PC. The tweet didn't leak a date for shipments even though pre-orders are supposed to start in "early 2021." A follow-up tweet encouraged interested parties to follow an affiliated account, @playdatealerts for a heads up on big news, so if you're trying to beat the rush that may be the way to go.