‘Pokémon Café Mix’ is a puzzler and café management game in one

It’s coming to mobile and Switch simultaneously.

The Pokémon Company

New Pokémon Snap was the highlight from today’s Pokémon Presents streaming event, but Pokémon Café Mix could be a fun and casual game for fans of the series. It takes the typical formula of café games -- in which the player solves relatively simple matching and organizing puzzles to fulfill orders -- but mixes in Pokémon-style elements. As you build up the success of your café, characters can join you to help complete puzzles, new brewing tools can expand your menu and larger spaces can allow for a bigger clientele.

Notably, the game will be out on iOS, Android and Switch on the same day. The closest Nintendo has come to a simultaneous release on mobile platforms and consoles seems to be Pokémon Quest, though that game had a one-month gap between the two.

Pokémon Café Mix is free to download, but has optional in-game purchases. It will be out on June 24th. Hopefully the game’s simple mechanics and cute graphics style will tide fans over while we wait for more details about New Pokémon Snap.