Polestar 2 OTA update improves range and DC charging speeds

The OTA will roll out sometime in the next few weeks.


The Polestar 2 will get its first major software update sometime in the next few weeks. The company says it will improve the car's range, upgrade its Android Automotive operating system, and fix an unspecified safety-related bug. The OTA will also add a new Connected Safety feature that will allow the Polestar 2 to share data with other Polestar and Volvo vehicles. It will use that information to display dashboard warnings when you're about to approach a road hazard.

Polestar 2 owners can also look forward to "incremental" improvements to DC charging speeds. A spokesperson for the company told SlashGear the update doesn't change the car's peak 150 kW charging rate, but it does make it so that the Polestar 2 can maintain that clip for longer periods of time. As for those range enhancements, they're in the ballpark of "a few miles." Whether you notice an improvement will depend on your driving style and other factors. Still, Polestar 2 owners will likely appreciate every bit of extra range they can eke out of the car.

Other changes include enhancements to Bluetooth connectivity, climate timers and the vehicle's 360-degree camera. Last but not least, the owner's manual, which you can read on the car's dashboard, has been tweaked as well. Polestar played up the fact it plans to support the Polestar 2 with frequent over-the-air updates, but as Telsa owners will attest, they're becoming the norm in electric vehicles. Still, no one is going to complain about free improvements to their ride.