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Panasonic LUMIX GH4

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An important, nearly flawless product that raises the bar for the rest of the tech industry.

An important, nearly flawless product that raises the bar for the rest of the tech industry.

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The world of digital cameras is a crowded one, which means a company has to deliver a lot more than just good photos to stand out from the crowd. In the case of the GH4, Panasonic hopes to make a mark by offering a 16MP sensor and 4K video recording capability, all in a compact format.

Critics were blown away by the video capturing ability of the GH4, with Photography Blog noting the "outstanding" quality and Pocket-Lint says "nothing else on the market can compete at this price point." However, Panasonic didn't forget about the GH4's photographic capabilities -- What Digital Camera calls the results "impressive" and Trusted Reviews says the "the level of detail captured in shadows and highlights is particularly eye-catching."

Panasonic nails the design too, with Expert Reviews noting that the "ergonomics and controls are hard to fault," thanks to "dials, switches and buttons for quick access" to the camera's settings. The touchscreen was helpful in giving ePHOTOzine access to the control panel, "making it very easy to change settings" when they needed to.

The GH4 has it all: solid image quality, impressive video capturing and fast speeds, all packed into a compact shooter. If you're just looking for a camera to just take photos there are certainly cheaper options out there, but for those who love shooting tons of video, the GH4 is more than worthy of consideration.



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Evan Groover
A gadget unicorn - Engadget
Erik Sagen
Good but good be better.
Amazing pictures!
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Key Specs

Mirrorless interchangeable lens
Lens mount
Micro Four Thirds
Resolution (effective)
16 megapixels
Sensor size
Micro four thirds
Image stabilization
External (lens)


Mirrorless interchangeable lens (Micro Four Thirds)


Resolution (effective)
16 megapixels
Sensor type
Sensor size
Micro four thirds
Image stabilization
External (lens)
ISO modes
200 iso, 400 iso, 800 iso, 1600 iso, 3200 iso, 6400 iso, 12800 iso, 25600 iso




Viewfinder type
Lcd, Optical (Yes) (Yes)

Image formats

Video recording
Yes (Other)

Other features

12 fps (max)
Screen size
3 inches
Screen type
ear iconeye icontext filevr