Qualcomm's next-gen mesh network tech supports palm-sized routers

Immersive Home Platform-based nodes could flood your home with gigabit WiFi.


The shift to remote schooling and working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't been without its challenges. If your home WiFi network has been feeling the strain in recent months with multiple household members streaming video and hopping into video calls at the same time, Qualcomm might have a solution. The company has revealed its latest mesh network platform, which supports gigabit-speed WiFi throughout the home.

The Immersive Home Platform blends WiFi 6 and 6E together and it takes a "novel modular architecture approach," according to Qualcomm. The platform is also said to be better at handling data packets compared to its predecessor. Compared with its current mesh setup, Qualcomm says the platform delivers 2.5 times the throughput per watt, which should help keep routers cool. It claims to offer low latency of under 3ms too.

Qualcomm suggests you'd be able to get that level of performance out of nodes that fit in the palm of your hand. It claims the devices could be "cost-effective enough to target low consumer price points" as well. There are four product tiers for router manufacturers to choose from.

It's not clear when you'll start to see nodes that harness the Immersive Home Platform on the market, but they could seriously up your home network game when they do arrive.