Quibi will let you screenshot its shows

It had to develop its own screenshotting experience due to DRM restrictions.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Quibi has introduced the ability to screenshot its bite-size shows, but it uses a method quite different from what you’re used to. Tom Conrad, Quibi’s Chief Product Officer, has announced the feature and explained how it works in a Twitter thread. “[I]t’s not your grandfather’s screenshotting,” he said. To grab one, you’ll have to press and hold the screen to bring up a menu with an option that says “Slide over to screenshot.” After you slide over and press it, the app will capture what’s on screen and give you the option to share it.

In his announcement, Conrad emphasized the feature’s meme-making potential. “Share your cel-drawn horoscope with the world! Photoshop your own head onto action star @KevinHart4real,” he wrote. After all, people sharing memes using its shows would put the service in front of more eyes through social media channels. And Quibi definitely needs all the help it can get to boost signups.

The process isn’t that hard to remember, but if you’re wondering why Quibi had to develop a new screenshotting experience, Conrad said it was all because of the DRM the company’s clients preferred to use. Apparently, Quibi’s DRM causes mobile platforms to block screenshots. He said the company is still fine-tuning the experience — it doesn’t seem to be able to capture subtitles in its current form, for instance. But since this is sort of a public beta release, it’s already out with the latest version of Quibi in app stores and available to all users.