Razer’s BlackWidow Elite drops to an all-time low of $90 for Prime Day

We typically see the keyboard discounted to $130 at best.


If the high price of mechanical keyboards has kept you from taking the plunge, look no further than Amazon Prime Day. Until October 14th at 2:45AM ET, the retailer is discounting Razer’s BlackWidow Elite keyboard to $89.99, down from its suggested retail price of $170. On paper, a $80 discount seems like a great deal, but you can typically find the BlackWidow Elite for about $130. Still, you’re getting it at an all-time low price. What’s more, all three of the Green, Orange and Yellow switch variants are included in today’s promotion.

Buy BlackWidow Elite (Green) at Amazon - $90 Buy BlackWidow Elite (Orange) at Amazon - $90 Buy BlackWidow Elite (Yellow) at Amazon - $90

While it’s a couple of years old now, there’s still a lot to like about the BlackWidow Elite, particularly if you’re new to the world of mechanical keyboards. It features a full-sized 104 key QWERTY layout with a dedicated set of media playback control keys. You’ll also notice it includes what looks like a volume dial. What’s nifty about this button is that you can configure it through Razer’s Synapse software to control a variety of different functions. Another useful feature is the passthrough USB and 3.5mm audio connections on the side of the keyboard. These can be handy if you don’t want to connect your headphones or a USB peripheral to the back of your computer.

One thing you won’t find on the BlackWidow Elite is a detachable USB-C cable. Between that and the 104 key layout, it’s more of a stay-at-home keyboard than something you’ll want to take to LAN parties. One other thing to keep in mind is that the keycaps are made from ABS plastic instead of PBT. The consensus among most mechanical keyboard enthusiasts is that PBT keycaps are more durable and resistant to picking up a shine.

If you’re not sure what color of switches to get, avoid the Green ones if you think the sound of a mechanical keyboard will annoy a roommate or family member. The Orange tactile switches are a good bet if you foresee yourself doing both a lot of typing and gaming. Meanwhile, the Yellow linear switches are a better option if you plan to use the BlackWidow Elite for gaming exclusively. Whatever direction you go, Razer claims its proprietary switches have a lifespan of more than 80 million keystrokes, so you should get a lot of use out of them. If you’re not interested in a keyboard, but still want to upgrade your gaming setup, other Razer peripherals are on sale for Prime Day as well.

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