Razer’s new gaming accessories cut a few corners to bring prices down

The keyboard, mouse and headset are all available as of today.

In addition to making its RazerCare protection plans available for peripherals, Razer is expanding its lineup with a slightly more affordable keyboard, mouse and headset, which are all available today. The mechanical BlackWidow keyboard borrows several features from the $170 BlackWidow Elite. It includes Razer Synapse 3 compatibility for deep customization, such as individual key lighting, programmable macros and secondary function assignments.

If you hook up your BlackWidow to another computer, your settings should be intact thanks to onboard storage. However, the BlackWidow, which costs $120/€130, does not have the Elite's dedicated media controls on the top right.

The Basilisk Essential mouse, meanwhile, apes the design of the $70 Basilisk, including the programmable thumb paddle. In fact, this model has seven configurable buttons, along with a 6,400 DPI optical sensor. It, too, has customizable lighting with Razer Synapse 3 compatibility. The Basilisk Essential will set you back $50/€50.

Lastly, Razer has released the Kraken headset as a successor to the Kraken Pro V2. It has a similar design to the $80 Kraken Tournament Edition, and it includes 50 mm drivers and a retractable microphone, along with inline mute and volume controls. The headset offers thicker headband padding and ear cushions with gel cooling, moisture-wicking fabric and hidden indents for eyewear. As well as PCs, the headset is compatible with consoles and phones with headphone jacks (assuming you can still find one), while there's a quartz pink version. The headset costs $80/€80, which is the same as previous models after price cuts.

With these more budget-friendly models, Razer seems to be going in a slightly divergent direction from the likes of Logitech, which has ventured into gaming-focused peripherals over the last few years.