'Re:Verse' lets you play as your favorite Resident Evil character online

The game will come free with "Resident Evil Village."


A playable demo of Resident Evil Village you can download today isn’t only surprise Capcom had to share during its recent showcase. The publisher also announced Resident Evil Re:Verse, a new multiplayer game that pits some of the franchise’s most iconic characters, including the likes of Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, against one another in four to six player deathmatches.

“Re:Verse is one of the ways we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise,” producer Tsuyoshi Kanda said. And anyone who buys Resident Evil Village, will get Re:Verse for free.

Each match is designed to last about five minutes. The twist Capcom has added is that every time your character dies, they transform into a zombie, and you can get more powerful by picking up capsules. In that way, you can get back at the person who took you out and earn additional points to get ahead.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam later this year. You’ll also have the chance to play it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/Series S through backward compatibility. Capcom is currently accepting beta applications until January 25th if you want to try the game before it comes out.