Revel will launch $99-per-month e-bike rentals in New York

The price includes maintenance and repair service within 24 hours.


Revel is expanding on its electric moped rentals by introducing monthly e-bike rentals in New York City for $99 per month starting in March, the NY Post has reported. While a bit pricey, considering that the Wing e-bike it's using cost $1,299 to buy, the subscription includes perks you wouldn't normally get. The e-bike is delivered straight to your door and includes complimentary maintenance for flat tires, the battery, chain and brakes -- all within 24 hours. You'll also get a bike lock and learning materials to help you navigate through NYC's mean streets.

Since the bikes remain in your possession, you can take them wherever you want. Revel is starting the program with 400 e-bikes for residents of the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, but will make more available if demand goes up in the spring and summer.

With a flat monthly fee, the program is quite different from Lyft's Citi Bike short term e-bike rental offering. However, Revel CEO Frank Reig said that the company didn't want its e-bike's jamming up sidewalks and streets like Lime scooters and other rental products.

Last summer, Revel shut down its electric scooter service in New York City after two riders were killed and others injured in traffic accidents. When the company returned, it added a required 20-minute safety test and selfie so riders could prove they were wearing helmets.

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