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Ring’s new Stick Up Cam Pro comes with built-in radar detection

Bird’s Eye View will let you track people’s movements.


“Bird’s Eye View” is the romantic name Ring gives to its use of radar to track a person’s path across a camera’s field of vision. It’s available on the Video Doorbell 2, Floodlight Cam Pro and Spotlight Cam Pro, and now it’s coming to the new Stick Up Cam Pro, the company announced during its annual fall event on Wednesday. Like its peers, the new unit will be able to monitor where your visitors are going, and the route they took to get there. Plus, you’ll be able to set more discrete motion alerts, sparing you the pain of having an alert whenever a shadow is cast across your camera.

The new Stick Up Cam Pro is, like its less-powerful sibling, weather-resistant, small and sleek, so you can put it in any location you may need. It offers HDR video, color night vision and a pair of microphones for clearer audio, as well as two-way talk and a built-in siren. And users will have the usual choice of how to power the device; Solar, Battery or wired in, giving you another layer of flexibility. Plus, it’ll work seamlessly with the rest of Ring’s suite of products to give you a home security system tailored to your specific needs.

At the same time, Ring also wants to talk about Ring Routines, which will let you activate and deactivate Alexa routines that integrate with your cameras. These will, naturally, develop over time, letting you set routines like activating your home’s lights when someone rings the bell at night.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro is available to pre-order now, for $180 for battery and plug-in, while the solar version will set you back $210. They begin shipping on October 18.

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