Roku's Streambar returns to record low of $100 ahead of the holidays

The Roku Ultra has been discounted to $69, too.

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

As November inches closer, we're starting to see even more early Black Friday deals on gadgets crop up across the web. Roku products are the latest to be discounted: the Roku Streambar is down to $100 at both Amazon and Best Buy, and both retailers also have the Roku Ultra for only $69. Those are all-time low prices that are worth jumping on if you have streaming devices on your gift list this year.

Buy Roku Streambar at Amazon - $100 Buy Roku Streambar at Best Buy - $100 Buy Roku Ultra at Amazon - $69 Buy Roku Ultra at Best Buy - $69

The Roku Streambar would make a great gift for anyone who wants to up their living-room sound game. The compact soundbar will blow most built-in TV speakers out of the water, and it supports Dolby Audio, too. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, so you could use it to pump out tunes during your next gathering.

While you could just use the Streambar for its sound chops, it also includes the same streaming tech as the Roku Ultra. That means it plays 4K HDR content, gives you access to all major streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and others, and it comes with Roku's voice remote. Whether you're eyeing the Streambar for someone on your list or for yourself, it's a solid, affordable way to upgrade your home theater system.

For those that already have a capable soundbar, the Roku Ultra focuses on the streaming aspect of things by playing 4K HDR10+ content along with Dolby Vision content. It has the best WiFi capabilities of any Roku streaming device and it has an Ethernet port so you can hardwire it into your setup if you wish. Its voice remote also supports private listening if you connect a pair of headphones as well.

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