Samsung Galaxy Buds update adds handy Galaxy Buds+ features

Including an improved ambient sound mode and Windows 10 pairing.

Billy Steele / Engadget

If you happen to own a pair of Samsung's original Galaxy Buds, you'll now be able to do more with them. The company has released a new software update for the true wireless headphones that brings over a couple of features that were previously exclusive to the newer Galaxy Buds+.

The most notable enhancement is the addition of an improved ambient sound mode. You can enable the feature to work automatically, as well as with just one of the earbuds in your ear. Samsung says the enhanced ambient sound functionality gives Galaxy Buds owners more options on how they tune out -- or, in this case, tune in -- to their surroundings. 

The update also adds support for Windows 10's Swift Pair protocol, which should make pairing the earbuds with a PC faster and easier. Lastly, you can now set the tap and hold action to launch Spotify. If you repeat the action, Spotify will follow up with playlist recommendations. 

The new features won't make the Galaxy Buds the equal of Samsung’s newer headphones, but they will at least help narrow the gap between the two devices. To download the update, you'll need Android 5.0 or later as well as the latest version of Samsung's Galaxy Wearable app.

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