Samsung's Galaxy Fit 2 can run for two weeks on a single charge

You can even get three weeks of battery life in some circumstances.


When it comes to fitness trackers, consumers are spoiled for choice. Between devices from Fitbit, Garmin and now even Amazon, there's probably a device out there suited for everyone, no matter their specific needs. But that same amount of choice can make it difficult for some trackers to stand out. Samsung's Galaxy Fit is the perfect example. It's a capable device that does a lot right, but it doesn't have any features that make it more compelling than any other fitness tracker you can buy. For the Galaxy Fit 2, Samsung may have found a way to get consumers to notice the wearable.

Announced today at IFA Berlin, the highlight of the device is battery life. In normal circumstances, Samsung says you can get 15 days of use out of the wearable on a single charge. You can extend that amount to 21 days using specific settings. By comparison, you could get a week of battery life from the Galaxy Fit. That's about what you can expect from most other fitness trackers too.

Otherwise, the Galaxy Fit 2 is about what you would expect from a wearable in 2020. It can track your steps, heart rate and sleep, providing a score when you wake up in the morning. Samsung says you can also customize the Galaxy Fit 2's display with 70 different face options.

We don't know how much the tracker will cost yet, but Samsung told us it will make its way to the US. The Galaxy Fit was $100, so we expect the Galaxy Fit 2 will cost about the same. Besides the Galaxy Fit 2, Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab A7 and Galaxy A42 5G on Wednesday. The latter will likely end up the company's most affordable 5G-capable phone to date.

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