The premium Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is already $200 off

The standard Note 20 is also on sale starting at $799.

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It hasn’t even been one month since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and you can already get it at a discount. Both Amazon and Best Buy have the smartphone for $200 off, bringing the starting price down to $1,099. The standard Note 20 is also discounted by $200, bringing the starting price down to $799.

Buy Note 20 Ultra at Amazon - $1,099 Buy Note 20 Ultra at Best Buy - $1,099

Buy Note 20 at Amazon - $799 Buy Note 20 at Best Buy - $799

The Note 20 series is luxurious in pretty much every sense of the word. We gave the Note 20 Ultra a score of 86 in part of its big, beautiful display. The Ultra has a huge 6.9-inch dynamic AMOLD display with a 1440 x 3088 resolution and it’s one of the nicest panels we’ve seen on any smartphone. You can up the refresh rate to 120Hz when you want to, but just keep in mind that doing so will burn through battery life pretty quickly.

That screen is the biggest difference between the Note 20 Ultra and the standard Note 20, which has a 6.7-inch 1080p AMOLED display that can reach a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. In most other comparisons, that display would be just fine, but it’ll be noticeably different if you’ve spent any time with a Note 20 Ultra. The other big difference comes with the cameras — the Ultra has a 108-megapixel wide camera, which is a carryover from the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The standard Note 20 has a higher megapixel telephoto lens, though, with a 3x optical zoom range.

Otherwise, though, the two handsets both run on Snapdragon 865 Plus processors and come with at least 128GB of storage. The Note 20 Ultra has 12GB of RAM while the standard Note 20 has 8GB, and a microSD card slot is a perk you’ll only find on the Ultra. Both also, of course, come with Samsung’s S Pen with which you can take notes, doodle and now even control the handset using new “Anywhere Actions.”

Most people would be satisfied with Samsung’s regular Galaxy smartphone lineup, but if you want a big smartphone with a killer display and stylus capabilities, the Note 20 series is where to turn to — if money is no object. We thought both of these smartphones (but the $1,299 Note 20 Ultra in particular) were quite expensive, even for flagships, when they first debut in the middle of August. This sale makes it a bit easier to grab either of them for less, especially if you don’t have a smartphone to trade in when you buy.

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