Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is $250 off for Prime Day

The regular Note 20 and S20 Ultra also have huge bargains.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Chris Velazco/Engadget
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If you like the thought of owning a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but have been put off by the $1,300 price tag, now’s your chance to score it for a more reasonable price. Samsung is using Amazon’s Prime Day to discount the pen-toting flagship to $1,050, a full $250 off the usual price. A previous sale dropped the price by ‘just’ $200, so this may be your best opportunity at a discount for a while.

Buy Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Amazon - $1,050 Buy Galaxy Note 20 on Amazon - $750

You can also buy the standard Note 20 for $750 — it was a tough sell at its original $1,000, but the lower price makes a considerably better case for it. And if you don’t particularly care for a stylus, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is down to the same $1,050 ($350 off) as its Note counterpart.

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The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the definition of a no-compromise phone between its lavish screen, brisk performance, strong battery life and largely solid cameras, even if you don’t consider the S Pen. The only misgivings we have with the device itself are the inconsistent photos and so-so software features. After that, our only hang-up is the official price — and that’s not an issue with the Prime Day sale.

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is $250 off for Prime Day