Samsung's latest Tokyo Olympics phone might actually happen

If the Olympics move forward, that is.

Samsung/NTT DoCoMo

Samsung's first shot at a Tokyo Olympics phone didn't pan out due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's giving the concept another try now that the sporting event is again (hopefully) imminent. SamMobile reports that Samsung has introduced a Galaxy S21 Olympic Games Edition with the help of Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo. The hook is the exclusive blue-and-gold color combo (plus the signature five rings), but there are a few touches beyond that.

The special-run Galaxy S21 touts the same 6.2-inch screen, Snapdragon 888 chip and camera array as the regular model, but you'll get Olympics-themed app icons, lock screens, wallpapers and boot animation. Even the always-on display will show the games' mascot (complete with the living-in-denial Tokyo 2020 flag). You'll get 256GB of storage, so you'll have a place to put all your Olympics videos.

The Olympic Games Edition is due to arrive in early June, although pricing isn't available. The larger question is whether or not there will be an Olympics to go along with the phone. While officials are determined to have the Olympics begin on July 23rd, a lot can happen in the space of two months during the pandemic. This S21 could be little more than an odd curiosity if organizers have to further delay (or outright cancel) the Tokyo games due to health concerns.