Samsung pulls Galaxy S20 Ultra update following glitches

Screen tinting and slower charging were some of the problems.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Samsung’s ongoing efforts to fix bugs in the Galaxy S20 Ultra aren’t quite going according to plan. SamMobile reports that Samsung has pulled its latest update days after reports of glitches. While the company hasn’t outlined just what prompted the decision, users have reported green screen tinting when the display is set to use its signature high refresh rate, not to mention slower high-speed charging.

We’ve asked Samsung if it can comment on the move.

There are reportedly already plans to fix the tinting issue, but that and other flaws (most notably slow camera autofocus) have marred the Ultra’s debut. The flagship phone’s $1,400 price is already a point of contention — its chances aren’t helped by any hiccups that give people second thoughts.

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Samsung pulls Galaxy S20 Ultra update following glitches