Samsung's SmartThings app can now track your energy usage

You can set consumption goals and track appliance data.


Samsung is catering its SmartThings app updates to our changing lifestyles. During the pandemic, we were glued to the tube, so the Korean company debuted more TV controls. Now, it's introducing a much-needed energy usage tracker as people spend more time indoors than in the past.

SmartThings Energy can monitor how power hungry your individual or combined Samsung appliances and HVAC products are. The company plans to support other certified partners in the future, including those that specialize in energy management.

To help you paint a better picture of your home's eco footprint, the update allows you to compare consumption data to your preset targets and monitor monthly usage. The app visualizes this information in the form of color-coded pie and bar charts split across total and select device usage.

When you exceed your goal or leave an appliance on while you're out, you'll get a notification that alerts you of the rise in energy activity. Samsung will also offer energy saving tips that warn you not to overstock your fridge, for example.

The company has been adding new features to SmartThings throughout the year. Following the new TV controls, Samsung introduced "Unknown Tag Search" in April that can identify if any unknown SmartTags are tracking you. It's also bringing automotive controls for more vehicles to the app in the third quarter.

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